Dr. Sinead Sheridan

Director - BSc, PhD.

Dr. Sinead Sheridan, Director of THE HEALTH EXCHANGE, completed her PhD in Clinical Exercise Physiology at the Centre for Preventive Medicine at Dublin City University, Ireland. She also holds a BSc degree in Physical Education and Biology from the same university. In addition to offering expert advice to professionals, Sinead has extensive research experience in examining the role of exercise and nutrition in the prevention/treatment of chronic lifestyle-mediated diseases while working at Dublin City University, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and The University of Hong Kong. Sinead has also presented at numerous international conferences and has published in many top ranking peer-reviewed journals including Frontiers in Physiology and The British Journal of Nutrition. Sinead currently serves as the Exercise Consultant for EVB SPORT, sportswear designed to support the pelvic floor for women who experience urinary/stress incontinence. As a qualified lecturer and secondary school teacher, Sinead also delivers many of the wellness workshops/seminars offered by THE HEALTH EXCHANGE to major corporate, wellness and educational institutions.