A leading bespoke international health consultancy firm dedicated to offering individually tailored exercise, nutrition and clinical support to professionals employed within the public or private sector.

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Acutely aware of the work-life demands of living in some of the world’s most fast-paced cities and the challenge of making appropriate choices in terms of exercise and nutrition associated with this lifestyle, THE HEALTH EXCHANGE offers support and individualized prescriptive programs that are realistic, achievable and based on the most recent and relevant scientific research to ensure optimal health.


is for individuals who:

Have extremely demanding lives and find it difficult to make appropriate lifestyle choices

Need a tailored diet and exercise programme to lose weight and/or treat/manage other existing health conditions

Want healthy eating and regular exercise to become part of their daily life, rather than feel trapped in a cycle of dieting and exercising

Want long-lasting results

Executive Programs

Individually tailored, holistic approach to managing health and fitness through evidenced-based prescription of nutrition and exercise.

Whole-body composition analysis via DXA scan, dietary analysis and exercise monitoring to set short, medium and long term goals;

Individualised, structured & manageable prescriptive nutrition & exercise plans;

Daily support and expert advice provided via email/SMS/phone call to monitor progress and provide feedback on diet, exercise & relevant health markers;

One-to-one 60 minute consultation every 4 weeks in a location at the client’s convenience; Meetings can also take place via video conference;

Detailed assessment and re-evaluation of goals every 4 weeks.

Corporate Wellness

THE HEALTH EXCHANGE provides comprehensive wellness workshops, seminars, consultations and activities to leading global corporations, private institutions and 5-star luxury hotels. We have also partnered with experts in the area of sleep and stress management/reduction.

Seminar topics and activities include but are not limited to:

Health on-the-go: Wellness Strategies for Professionals

Exercise is Medicine

Fuel to Perform

Exercise and Diet for Healthy Ageing

Health & Productivity in the Workplace: The Role of Diet & Exercise

Detox Diets and Cleanses

Getting Quality Sleep and Combating Jetlag

Corporate yoga, pilates, mindfulness, meditation, stress management/reduction activities

THE HEALTH EXCHANGE will tailor the topic and delivery of the wellness program, depending on the needs and specific requests from individual corporations.

Educational Seminars

THE HEALTH EXCHANGE offers a series of lectures to secondary schools in Hong Kong, delivering lessons focusing on both A-level & IB requirements in the areas of sports science, research methodology, physical education and general science. In addition, we provide extra-curricular wellness workshops to staff, parents and students on a range of topics in relation to exercise, nutrition and health.

THE HEALTH EXCHANGE can tailor the topic and delivery of the wellness seminar depending on the needs and requests from individual educational institutions.


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We are delighted to have The Health Exchange as our in-house health & wellness consultants. Using an evidence-based approach, Dr. John and Dr. Sinead continue to provide bespoke exercise and nutrition private consultations to members and guests at the Mandarin Spa. The wellness seminars that they deliver throughout the year are informative, inspiring and thoroughly engaging.

Ms. Misty StewartDirector of Mandarin Spa, Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong.

I have been a client of The Health Exchange since 2015. Their expert advice and ongoing monitoring has enabled me to improve my overall health, particularly my cardiovascular fitness. Despite my very busy work, family and travel schedule, they seamlessly continue to assist in helping me make healthy lifestyle decisions and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Mr. Andy RandallManaging Partner, Walkers

Dr. John O'Reilly and Dr. Sinead Sheridan have been invaluable assets in respect to our student's learning through the International Baccalaureate Sport, Exercise and Health Science Diploma programme. Their experience as sport scientist's has complimented our curriculum delivery and added an extra element of realism. Their knowledge, expertise and style of delivery has been influential in our students understanding of the methods and processes of scientific investigation.

Mr. Lee BurnsIB Teacher of MYP PHE & DP SEHS - Renaissance College

The Health Exchange offers a bespoke programme tailored to meet your specific health and fitness goals. In my case, it was building a body that will serve me going forward into the next decade of my life. Their programs succeed because they are based upon their comprehensive knowledge of human physiology and a deep understanding of what is exactly required in order for you to achieve these goals in a viable and sustainable manner.

Peter McGarritySai Kung

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